Summer of Boho!

It seems we're into Bohemian- Big Time!

We've selected a few pieces which should give you that look - just for fun and funk!


Boho Wood

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Blogs and Bergdorfs

I don't know about "Blogs"...

Occasionally I'll read one if it relates to something that sparks my interest. But my professional marketers tell me that it really makes a difference if I have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest AND a BLOG.

I've also been told that it's OK to write about experiences....

That it's likely to be of interest to people who share my world of the arts.


 Here goes:

My husband, Terry and I were recently in N.Y. City where I was spellbound with the wildly creative windows at Bergdorf Goodman.

Evidently fashion illustration is finding a new niche as evidenced by Donald Robertson in B.G.'s windows. He used regular cardboard boxes to draw tres expressive faces, some with animal prints and wolfish teeth and eyes, elongated multiples, dogs and stripes.


One night might classify them as a cross between OP and Pop Art. Of course they're dramatically interspersed with the best of B.G.'s summer collections.


So much fun! 


In no way would I ever diminish the offerings at MoMa, The Met, and the new Whitney. We just went to Bergdorf Goodman's first.

Come one, Come all...

Come one, Come all...

.....just in case you missed them, here's another look at our season's favorites........

They're chic, contemporary, versatile, and easy to integrate with most styles.  They're designed with Greek leather in a myriad of colors and lengths.....a bit edgy for some of you, but certainly a more youthful look.  

Maybe just the right amount of push to move you towards a more sophisticated  and exciting future. 

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