Where's the sun?

Summer is taking it's own sweet time coming to the seashore of Southern California.  Aren't we supposed to be the "sunny" part of "sunny Cal"?  At any rate, I'm running out of patience...I want to wear light and fluffy white dresses, shorts,( well, maybe not short shorts),, and sit on the beach.  I guess I'm going to have to go ahead and do summer without the sun.  Think I'll do some fun reading, more exercise, and I always love to have the grandkids for a special time.  Last year we took in Bowers' permanent exhibition of warriors.(They loved it!) 

I'll see if  I can interest them in OCMA's selection of Robert Rauschenberg including collages, prints, and light boxes.  I'm nuts about Rauschenberg!.  OCMA's newest ex is:"My Generation::Young Chinese Artists".

It's an extended look at the new generation of emerging artists in mainland China.  Not to be missed!

Hey Sun!  Be that way!  Don't shine!  I'm doing art!


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